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RGB Amplifier

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Product Abstract:

RGB LED Amplifier DC12V/24V optional 12V:<144W;24V:<288W 3 output channels, each channel<4A Common anode connection mode

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Product Description

LED RGB Amplifier with 4A Maximum Load Each Channel and Aluminum Shell

RGB Amplifier applies to all the voltage-controlled LED controllers in our factory. It can receive PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), each time add one RGB amplifier, the connecting number of LED will be more than twice, in theory, numerous RGB amplifiers can be connected.
Technical Parameters
Working temperature: -20 ~ +60 Celsius degree
Supply voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC (Specify the required voltage on order form)
Output: 3 channels
Connection mode: Common anode
External dimension: L105*W65*H25mm
Packing size: L122*W85*H42mm
Net weight: 115g
Gross weight: 145g
Static power consumption: <1W
Output current: <4A each channel
Output power: 12V<:144W, 24V:<288W
With screws for fixing the wires
Direction for Use
When calculating how many RGB LED amplifiers needed for the installation, you can calculate like this:
(Meters of LED strips/5) -1 = the numbers of RGB LED amplifiers needed for your installation.
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