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4W COB LED Spotlight

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Product Abstract:

GU10 4W LED Spotlight with milky cover, Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, LED quantity: 1pcs COB LEDs/Epistar Chip. Lumen: 330-380Lm

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Product Description


GU104W COB LED Spotlights
Product Name: GU10 LED Spotlight
Model No.: LMSP-4W-13AGU10
Base: GU10 
Input Voltage: 100-240VAC 
Power consumption : 4W 
LED lamp quantity: 1pcs 4W COB LED Source/Epistar chip 
Luminous Flux: 330-380Lm
CRI: >75
Color Temperature : 6000K-6500K (Cool White)
                                      4000K-5000K (Natural White)
                                      2800K-3200K(Warm White)
Beam Angle: 120degree
Working temperature: -30~50?
Product Size : φ50*60mm
Product Weight: 80g
Protect Level: IP44
Certificate: CE RoHS
Using the simple and special structure to make elegant appearance and improve the heat dissipating efficiency, which can prolong life span of the lamp.
Free of radiation, high illumination efficiency better than incandescent lam with good light focusing.
Simply mechanical assemble and instant start and LED lamp can substitute for conventional lamp.
Basically, LEDs are just small light bulbs that fit easily into an electrical circuit. But unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, they don't have a filament that will burn out, and they don't get especially hot. They are illuminated solely by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material, and they last just as long as a standard transistor. They are solid state lighting.
LED Spot use 70% to 90% less power than the conventional light
Higher luminous efficacy, more energy saving (efficient)
Very little heat produced - cool to the touch
Long-lasting life up to 40,000 hours
No fragile filament, shock/vibration resistant
Directional lighting generates much less wasted light (energy)
No toxic mercury, no ultraviolet, no infrared, reduction of CO2 emissions
Flicker free, instant on/off
Minimized maintenance hassles
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