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15W AR111 LED Spotlight

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Product Abstract:

High quality 15W AR111 G53 Spotlights, using Sharp COB LED source, Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, Luminous Flux: 1140-1350Lm

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Product Description


AR111 G53 LED Spotlight, AR111 Sharp COB LED Spotlights G53
Model: LM-AR111-15W
Voltage Input: AC100-240V
Power: 15W
LED Brand: Sharp COB LED
Luminous Flux : 1140-1350Lm
CRI: > 80
Power Factor: > 0.9
Beam Angle: 15-24 degree
Color temperature: D (5000 k), N (4000 k), W (2700 k)
Lifespan: 50000 hours
Material l: Aluminum1060
Working Temperature:  -20~45 centigrade degree
Working Humidity: 20~90%
Size: ? 111 x H65mm
Inner Packing: 12x 11x 10cm
Net Weight: 0.5Kg
High Quality Heat Sink: The coefficient of heat radiating body, the use of thermal dynamics and air convection design, lamps and lanterns heat dissipation performance is good;
The specular learning process plating reflective cup and PMMA lens combination, the light even, without aperture, no splashes, good consistency;
Imported sharpe ceramic COB light source, thermal conductivity is good, color rendering more than 80, irradiation light effect more fresh color;
Using special LED professional wide voltage constant current drive, stable performance, higher efficiency, more applicable,
Size and traditional halogen lamps and lanterns conform to, can directly replace the traditional 70Watts halogen lamps and lanterns, installation is convenient.
The AR111 G53 LED Spotlight is widely used in Super Market, Hotel, Tavern, Night Club, Disco Hall, Karaoke Room, Coffee House, Bank, Meeting Room, Exhibition Hall, Exhibition Wardrobe, Show Window, Living House etc.
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