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90W RGBAW LED Wall Washer

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Product Abstract:

90W RGBAW 5-in-1 LED wall washer is covered by tensile aluminum, designed in a fashion of hydrodynamic form. It uses high power RGBAW 4-in-1 10W LEDs. The product uses 10-bit dimming technology, with 1024 levels of PWM modulation. The refreshing rate can achieve 1000HZ, achieving smooth dimming and flicker free. Each LED can be independently dimmer, with 5 dimmer modes. It uses power switch, performs low weight and consumption, stable capability and long life. The built-in program includes dimmer, strobe, water, gradual change, fading and so on. International standard DMX 512 signal is requested.

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Product Description
Waterproof 90W RGBAW 5-in-1  LED Wall Washer
Name: 90W RGBAW 5-in-1 LED Wall Washer
Input voltage: AC 100V-240V,50/60HZ
Consume: 90W
Lamp Type: High Power LED(10W)
Lamp Spec: 9pcs RGBAW 5-in-1 LEDs
LED lifespan:50000~100000 hours
Drive current: 700mA
PWM Dimmer: >400Hz(16666 steps) 
Anti-electricity intension: 1.5KV
Insulation Resistance: > 2MΩ
Control Signal: DMX512
Control mode: stand alone/ master and slave
Channel: 4CH, 5CH, 9CH,10CH
Color Effect: RGBAW Mixing
Function Effect: Dimmer, Strobe, Eotic, Gradual change
Beam Angle: 25°,45°
Cooling mode: natural cooling (intelligent control of LED output power)
IP rated: IP65
Size: 672*85.4*135.7mm
Net Weight: 4.1KG
Main Features:
1. Light source: 10W LED with RGBAW five-color technology, low consumption, high brightness, stable capability and long life. Better light output and color mixing with special optical lens
2. Uses 10-bit PWM drive(1024 levels) with 5 dimmer modes. The maximum refreshing rate can achieve 1000HZ. Flicker free
3. 4-button DMX Address setting, LED display panel with ON/OFF function.
4. Linear dim 0%-100%, Strobe gradual change jumping change, etc.
5. DMX512 Controller 9pcs LEDs can be controlled separately
6. Auto run /sound activated/master slave/interconnected multi-machine control
7. Using switching power supply to protect the LED to work well
8. With built-in temperature detecting function, protect LED from overheat
9. 4CH, 5CH, 9CH,10CH DMX channels optional
10. IP rate: IP65
1. Wall reflecting light on many occasions, such as KTV, pub, building, park and so on
2. Indoor lighting in franchise house and shopping mall
3. Decoration in the place of entertainment, bar, coffee house
4. Lighting in museum, art gallery
5. Stage lighting in commercial theatre, auditorium
6. Lighting in hotel
7. Lighting in meeting room and multi-function room
8. Lighting in exhibition and fashion show
9. Lighting in living room and home theatre
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