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Product Abstract:

80W LED Street Light, Road Light E40

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Product Description
LMS-80W-1201A By using the world groundbreaking Pipe Cooling Technology, we achieved a better coolant system than
-Regular aluminium. Optimised fluid evaporation and condensation to transfer heat and apply our thermal
-Controlled air-cooling technology, our E40 LED Street light is more powerful, compact, bright and has better thermal
-Unique Integrated lens and cover design.Special arrangement of the lens provides a better light focus and greater light efficiency. This special design also reduced the weight of the LED lamp system, making it extremely compact and easy to fix.
-The first E40 designed by controlling the temperature of high power LED street lights. Temperature controlling systems protect the LED light and achieve a longer life-cycle. When the temperature is higher than 70? (+/-5?), the temperature controlling system is active to provide protection by lowering the current by 50%. When the temperature drops to 50?, the current will be adjusted back to normal. 
-Using a common standard base, which is adjustable to a full 360 degree angle, it can be rotated as needed to any angle after the lamp is tightened to achieve the best lighting position.
-With its light weight and compact appearance,our high-power LED street light can effectively reduce the air resistance and its weight on the pole, increasing the safety factor.
-Supplied through an AC-DC driver, gives a stable current and a continuous temperature control system. The intelligent controlling system embedded in our LED street lights will accurately provide continuous current even when the power supply is unstable.
-Wide Working Voltage (85-260 VAC) Use PWM technic,  efficiently, lower thermal, more accurate.
-Non-polluting to the power supplying network. Power factor≥0.9, THD≤20%, EMI is up to par with the global standard. Reducing energy loss and avoiding high frequency pollution to the power network.
-Combined with Solar Energy, our LED street light is highly energy-efficient and always works reliably at low voltages. Also can combined Solar Energy with main supply according to your local Solar Energy source.
-High Luminous efficiency. The LED's Luminous efficiency is more than 90 lm/w, and it can reach as high as 200lm/w when LED brightness increases dramatically. At this point, HPS 400W will be directly replaced by 60W LED streetlight, and it will achieve even better energy savings when it reaches a level of 300lm/w.
Typical Applications:
-Superhighway, roadway, pathway, garden, Park, stadium etc.It is also used for solar power directly.
-Energy saving high power LED light  to replace the traditional CFL, HPS and LPS bulbs 
1) Light Source:   54  LEDs  BridgeLux LED Chip                                                                       
2) Luminous Flux:6500LM                                                                               
3) Rated Wattage:88W                                                                               
4) Base:E40                                                                                           
5) Rated Voltage: 24VDC
6) Input Voltage: With an 100~240VAC Input & 24VDC Output External Transformer
7)Color Temperature:  WW(2700~3800K), NW(4000-5000K) or CW(5500-6700K)
8) Beam Angle: 150°                                                                                    
9) Lifetime:50,000 Hours                                                                                  
10) Size?Dia105mm* L285mm                                                                                                
11) Net weight: 1.16KG                                                                               
12) CE ? ROHS approved                                                                                 
13) Body Temperature:<70?  @Ta=25 ?                                                                               
14) Recommended Replaced Bulb? 300W HPS   
15)IP Rating:IP60   
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