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6W LED Bulb

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Product Abstract:

6W LED Bulb, Product Number: LMB-6W-11AE27 Supply Voltage: AC 85V~240V, Operation Voltage: AC 100V~240V, LED Number: 6PCS high power Epistar LED, Power Factor: ?0.95 Luminous Flux: 330 Lm

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Product Description

Product Description

6W LED Bulb
PF value: >0.90
CRI: >72Ra 
No fluorescent flickering 
Size: 50*120mm 
Luminous Flux: 420-450lm 
Warranty: 2 years warranty 
LED Bulb 6W 
Model No: LMB-6W-11AE27
Power: 6W 
Input Voltage: 85-265VAC 
Viewing angle:120 degrees 
Luminous: 420-450Lm
LED quantity: 6pcs high power LED/ Epistar Chip
PF value: >0.90 ,
CRI: >72Ra
Bese: E27 
Size: 50*120mm
2 years warranty
Life Span: 40000-50000Hrs
6W LED Bulb Features:
1)no leakage of electricity
2)Milky glass cover or PC cover with transmission rate at 92%.
3)Adopting low- pressure constant current power supply, no glare, 
   it indeed achieves soft luminescence, stabilization, continuity, and approximate natural light, which is a perfect light source.
4)No RF interference, no buzzing noise, no UV radiation led bulb lamp.
5)No fluorescent flickering
6)No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment.
7) Low power consumption, high intensity, low lumen attenuation.
8)Solid- state, high shock/ vibration resistant
1. Bus,Shuttle,Railcar passenger interiors   
2. Uninterrupted Emergency lighting   
3. Focused reading and task lighting   
4. Interior design uses   
5. Closet illumination   
6. Cove lighting   
7. Marine recreation applications
8. Concealed accent lighting
9. Edge lighting
10.Under counter lighting
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