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10W T8 LED Tube

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Product Abstract:

10W LED T8 Tube Light. 950 lumens. 100-240 VAC. Plugs directly into fluorescent 2 prong receptacle replaces standard lamps. Remove existing ballast. Plastic tube housing. There is no turn on wait for the tube lights. LED T8 Tube Lights work in homes, offices, boats, RVs, buses, trains, for cabinet lighting, task lights, etc. Since you remove the ballast you save even more energy costs and replacement costs.

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Product Description
10W T8 LED Tube Light replace to 30W T8 Fluorescent
LED Source: 48pcsSMD2835
Input Voltage: AC100-240V
Power: 10W
Beam Angle: 120°
Color temperature: 2700-8000K
Luminous flex: 900- 950Lm
Material: Aluminum alloy+PC(transparent/milky white)
Working Temperature: -20°-45°
LED Lifespan: >40000H
Dimension: 588x 26x 30mm
The LED T8 Fluorescent Light Tube is completely enclosed. The LEDs are surrounded by a Frosted acrylic lens and emit light like a conventional T-series fluorescent light. Our LED T8 Tube is typically used for lighting in Garages, Basements, Task Lighting, Store Displays, General Warehouse Lighting, RVs, Buses,  and Under Cabinets, Storage Facilities, Generator Powered Remote Sites, Cold Storage, Solar Installations and more. It can be used anywhere you have a T8 series fixture!
With Isolated Driver,more safe and stable. 
With single end power input
With 3 years warranty  
70%-80% Energy-saving over fluorescent tubes  
No RF interference  
No flickering or buzzing  
No mercury and other hazardous materials,fully RoHS-compliant  
PC cover:Not easily broken 
Aluminum housing : Better heat dissiation&longer lifetime for the LED’s
High Brightness
Our T8 LED Fluorescent Tubes consists of high quality SMD LEDs and can emit a higher brightness at much lower cost. Surface Mount LEDs transfer heat better and are a better solution for longevity.
Easy Installation
Our LED T8 tube Light can be easily installed like a conventional T8 fluorescent light into the existing sockets.  Ballast is removed/bypassed one time and you enjoy more energy savings.
Extended Life
With very little heat output, proper drive characteristics and high quality LEDs, our LED T8 Fluorescent Light Tube has a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.  These are the highest quality tube lights available on the market today - You get what you pay for.
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