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The development of LED lighting is difficult for Russia
2012-04-05 15:52:51
At present, Russia's domestic development of LED lighting is slow.Despite the economic modernization within the framework of the state has increased efforts to support,However, LED industry development in Russia difficult,Mainly because,Lack of infrastructure to carry out high-tech manufacturing and technology base.
It is reported that, in accordance with professional organizations to provide the "LED light assembly" business plan data LED products in 2010, Russia more than 90% market share is as Cree, Osram, Nichia, etc. occupied by foreign manufacturers.Russia's large LED manufacturers, including "Svetlana Optoelectronics" stock company, "Proton" stock company, "Smart Light" limited liability companies
At the same time,The proportion of imports of energy products increased sharply in Russia,Most products are imported through illegal channels,Its quality does not conform to international standards.The proportion of high-quality products does not exceed 20% of all imported lamps.

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