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T8 LED Tube lighting
2012-03-30 01:11:44


Tube LED Light's advantages: use less energy, have longer life that leads to lower maintenance costs, provide pleasant ambient light and are not harmful to the Nature because of mercury gases inside.
LED Tube lighting can be used in offices, banks, commercial and industrial applications, as well as at home. The benefits are unsurpassed where the lights are on all the time - underground parking, hallways, factories etc. In order for T12 and T8 fluorescent tubes to be replaced with Tube LED Lamps, the ballast has to be removed first. Failing to do so can lead to lamp failure, overheating or fire.
LED Tube Lights have numerous advantages compared to the most popular source for commercial and business lighting - the fluorescent tube lamps.
LED tube lights do not need starter and ballast (no annoying buzzing sound), which results in even higher energy efficiency and reliability of your lighting fixtures. The light that Tube LED lamps emit contains no UV rays and does not flicker. LED lamps have rated life of 50,000 hours and can withstand frequent switches without reduced life span. They do not contain mercury or any other poisonous gases.
The true color rendering quality of our Tube LED Lights in addition to all other virtues of LED make them the premier source for illumination of interior commercial spaces.

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