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LED lamps next popular
2012-04-25 09:35:56


I. Summary

Lighting the future of humanity should be the semiconductor lighting, then the future of LED lighting should be the popular What kind of it? I think the future of LED lighting should also have good art, should be able to create a more beautiful indoor and outdoor environment and mood lighting. I spent years of time, the light transmission through the transparent body of the law of observation and analysis, research and test, completed the LED light and many other inventions, and received a number of patents. The invention of the basic principles of the future invention of LED lighting, the use of these inventions to make the LED lamps can create a wide variety of appearance, light modeling, lighting environment more beautiful, not only to fully transcend modern art lamps, and will lighting will change the traditional concept. This is my point of view, I hope someone can refute.

Keywords: LED Art lamps, appearance, lighting effects, lighting style.

Second, the development trend of lighting technology

Lighting technology development today, it has been gradually lighting technology, by order of functional and artistic lighting, lighting the two categories. Most of the lamps are one variety of artistic lamps, to Zhongshan to take a look at most of the sample is art lamps, the most beautiful and luxurious, the most profitable or artistic lamps. With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people find ways to use lighting to create a harmonious and warm living environment, artistic lamps require higher and higher. Beautiful lighting environment can arouse people's passion, makes us happy, make a very good artistic effect LED lighting, semiconductor lighting to achieve an important issue that must be addressed, but also an indispensable future semiconductor lighting important direction of development.

 Third, the future structure of LED lighting is what should be

Art is not very high brightness of lighting needs, artistic lamps and decorative main role is to create a lighting environment lighting, to create the mood for the first need. In the traditional lamp, the incandescent light bulb can only be made in the form of the glass bulb filament can only be fixed in the inside of fluorescent lamps can only be made in the form. Light source determines the traditional art lighting, artistic lighting effects to achieve a variety of lighting and a variety of artistic style, only to let the light through the shade, the light scattering through the shade to be achieved in all directions.

The LED die encapsulated within a transparent medium, to achieve a variety of artistic lighting artistic lighting effects and a variety of shapes, there is no need to and through the shade of light scattering in all directions to be achieved. If so, the die has been issued by the injection of light transparent medium, into the air, and again through the shade, it is necessary more than twice the interface of different media, the formation of the boundary surface of the two light reflection, coupled lampshade material on the absorption of light, it will also cause a lot of wasted light is not necessary. Is for this reason, the traditional style lighting fixtures can be achieved on most of shade, light transmittance is not high, which is the traditional art of lighting can not avoid waste, but also its weakness can not be avoided. Nevertheless, this structure still has a lot of LED light applications, such as building outline decoration of the tube for LED lights, LED lights, spherical. The case in the absence of alternatives, in better products out before, they can only use this structure. But the art of the future of LED lighting should not be using this structure, if the LED lamps are still using the traditional art of the structure and principles of lighting, lighting of the luminous efficiency are low, the modeling lamp will be bloated, clumsy, light-emitting ways will be old, single.

The art of making use of LED lamps, to achieve various lighting effects and lighting style, around by changing the die size and shape of transparent object can be achieved, changing the shape of a transparent body is the best way to clear the body into various shapes thin, linear objects are not easy to form because of various shapes, and all kinds of physical and too heavy. The transparent body made of various forms of thin slices, then more micro-LED located in a transparent sheet, the use of principle of total reflection of light to allow light in a transparent sheet-shaped body transfer, diffusion, mixing. Both sides of the sheet surface through a variety of different approaches to undermine the light transmission within a transparent sheet to change the direction of the light forward, so light scattering according to the design good way out, to have access to a variety of lighting effects and a variety of different kind of very beautiful lighting style. To many a sheet-shaped light grouped together, but also to make more kinds of art forms, such as the various shapes of flowers, and all kinds of large luminous scenery or large groups, such as light. Art of making LED lighting so the best way is to make light on the sheet-shaped light-emitting components.

Art lamps LED lights in the creation of beautiful shape, to provide visual enjoyment for people at the same time, must have most of the light scattered out, lighting up the surrounding environment. The brightness of watching TV, or leisure time is ideal for lighting in the room, more suitable for outdoor lighting and landscape decoration. Increase the sheet-shaped micro-LED light inside the number, but also to achieve conventional lighting.

 Fourth, LED lamps on the technical feasibility of Art

? LED light now is the most efficient low-power LED, low power LED is now the highest luminous efficiency has been achieved 100lm / w, and is rapidly improving and will soon reach 150 lm / w, the domestic low-power LED light-emitting efficiency has been improving, and the efficiency of incandescent light only 20lm / w or so, low power LED luminous efficiency has been obviously a lot higher than incandescent bulbs, and the performance and stability. Multiple low-power LED to come together, fully capable of semiconductor lighting and is the most efficient light-emitting semiconductor lighting, for example, the latest Nichia LED luminous efficiency of 100lm / w lighting effects demonstration device, that is, 0.06 with 756 watts Low-power LED production. Currently a small LED lighting or LED downlight lighting products, many of which are produced by dozens of small power LED's. However, these lighting devices or lighting, etc. Demonstration of light emitted is determined by a lot of a LED light-emitting points, combined with the composition. After seeing the people, just fail to see the advanced nature of technology, not a little artistry, can only be used for functional lighting.

Miniature low-power LED's die, and ordinary low-power LED's die is the same, LED lamps to art of miniature low-power multiple LED, the second package to the sheet-shaped light in different parts of the body to be able to light or light made of the ever-changing appearance. Achieved through the sheet-shaped light in the gathering light, mixing, changes of direction after the light to create a variety of lighting effects and a wide variety of lighting style. Sheet-shaped LED light to lots of multi-point light, transformed into integrated LED light, art light, emitting a variety of ways, or point to a lot of a LED light source, transform the grounds of a variety of three-dimensional graphic graphics light light source, or by the petals, wings and other art forms of the surface of the surface light source, or even three-dimensional shape of the shell casing outside light sources.

Light not only made their own ever-changing appearance, not only to create a very good lighting effects, but also very beautiful to show people the light shape, which is the traditional lighting and general LED lighting can not imagine, can not be achieved. LED lamps arts science, clever lighting to the beautiful appearance, and the art lighting effects, lighting style organically integrated, completely beyond the traditional lamp, lamp since it will become a blend of art and the environment. These LED lamps beyond the era of artistic effects, advantages and features, not only confirmed its principle, advanced technology, but also to demonstrate the advanced nature of the semiconductor lighting technology, and also represents the future direction of semiconductor lighting. More importantly, this method is the full realization of semiconductor lighting to create a whole new way.

? shaped sheet of material is very pure light, the light transmission losses in their small house, such as optical fiber, the light transmission distance in a few kilometers or more, and most of depletion of light scattering off the material absorption loss of light caused by small percentage. Sheet-shaped light-emitting body size is usually tens of centimeters, however, very little material on the absorption of light. The light launched into each die transparent sheet, the surface of each light reflection, refraction process, the transparent material and air between the interface, or refraction of light illuminated the surroundings out, or reflected back inside transparent materials continue to move forward transmission. After much reflection, refraction, all eventually scatter out light to illuminate the surrounding environment, the whole process is almost no light loss. Sheet-shaped light reflective film on one side, the reflective film reflectivity is usually about 95% reflection rate is high. As the volume of sheet-shaped light-emitting little structure is very simple, no matter in what way the outside light, light loss is very small, plus their own micro-LED luminous efficiency is high, so the luminous efficiency of LED lamps is very artistic high light utilization rate is very high.

Art lamps LED lights available modeling, lighting effects, is through the optical transform method, the scattering of light from the transparent sheet from within the same time to achieve, to be able to obtain a high luminous efficiency. Access to good artistic effect, but also able to obtain a high luminous efficiency, a variety of artistic lamps are working hard to pursue, it is difficult to achieve. This goal also shows: LED Art Lamps lighting in principle more scientific than other, more reasonable, obviously technically advanced.

? between micro-LED combination of thin and transparent, is a combination of the best, and only the most suitable for micro-LED LED artistic lamps. Mini LED the heat is not very high, thin and transparent internal and general integration into the internal LED, similar to the formation of a transparent body is not aging, it will not damage the die, the die will not lead to reduced luminescence efficiency, no High-power LED thermal problems. LED die because the heat emitted less, the heat conduction through the transparent sheet out, in part by radiation scattering out, part of the airflow around a transparent sheet away, when the reflective film, reflective film on the back part of the heat is conductive composite materials out, can form a suitable normal light-emitting LED die, and the transparent material can withstand the heat balance of the long-term. In addition to micro-LED, the other LED is not suitable for fixed in the sheet-shaped light-house. Miniature low-power LED the heat, light, high efficiency, high reliability, to ensure high efficiency LED lighting arts and high reliability.

? sheet-shaped light-emitting body can be molded into shape, which is to ensure that the LED lamps can be made into a variety of artistic style. Shaped by a single sheet consisting of LED light fixtures can be made into a variety of artistic style, or many months by a number of thin-shaped light, and other structural parts, decorative parts are assembled together to form the LED artistic lamps, can also be made of the ever-changing The variety of shapes. Sheet-shaped light is based on this basic structure, LED lamps appearance arts can allow people to imagine, to create.

Sheet-shaped light-emitting distributed in different parts of the body a number of micro-LED, sheet-shaped light-emitting surface with a variety of different approaches, can make various shapes of the sheet-shaped light emitting all the parts are, or more uniform light , sheet-shaped light can make all parts of the body three-dimensional graphics are light, but also can form in different ways in different parts, different angles outward glow. Most of the light is irradiated in one direction, both to create different lighting environments, but also to improve the lighting efficiency of light to avoid waste. Art of different brightness LED lamps and different lighting effects or changes in a variety of lighting effects, but also through digital and intelligent control, choose which parts of what angle or what the color of the mini LED light to achieve. Vivo distribution of multiple micro-light LED, emitting a variety of surface treatment methods, the basic structure or basic light principle, not only to ensure that the LED lamps of different artistic lighting effects, and a variety of lights to achieve the shape, but also to ensure different colors, different lighting effects and other changes in the implementation. Replaced by one or two high-power LED, LED lamps, or other structure not able to do this.

The basic structure of LED lamps or artistic principles to solve the LED lamps how to get the perfect appearance, how to obtain high luminous efficiency, how to obtain various artistic effects, and the key issues is very important for the realization of semiconductor lighting art laid a solid foundation for the art of lighting LED lamps comprehensive than the foundation of modern art, but also for the development of semiconductor lighting technology laid the foundation for the future.

Light appearance of free design, the art of light, but also access to different parts of the light in different ways light-emitting light, the direction of light to different light, and the various effects of the changes and high luminous efficiency, representing the current the world's highest state lighting technology.

When the mass production of micro-LED luminous efficiency generally exceeds 100lm / w, after, LED lighting is fully capable of Arts for daily lighting, the overall effect of even more than fluorescent lamps and other lighting fixtures. This means that the full realization of semiconductor lighting really started, and then LED lamps will be the art of popular mainstream lighting market. Since then technological development will further enhance the art of lighting LED luminous efficiency and brightness, rich variety of LED lighting arts series, the LED lamps arts spread to the public at large, LED lamps arts are the basic principles and structure of no more much change.

? decorative effect for most of the main pursuit of the art lighting, the brightness is not necessary high sheet-shaped body of a small number of tiny light-emitting low-power LED, bright enough, even some of the lamps need high brightness can also be By increasing the number of micro-LED to solve, there is no need to use high-power LED. LED luminous efficiency greatly improved, the more there is no need to use high-power LED.

Suitable for the production of high-power LED lighting function. High-power LED's high brightness, can not be directly facing the view, not suitable for less demanding on the brightness of the art lighting. High-power LED the heat is also large, easy to make sheet-shaped light rapidly aging, the heat sink and can not do in the light-house, with the sheet-shaped heat sink also undermine the light style. The high-power LED and heat sink fixed at the edge of the sheet-shaped light, but also some outstanding lighting effects to create the art of lighting.


Art lamps LED lamps to break the traditional structure of modern art to create a more simple, more artistic, but also the ever-changing appearance, to create a wide variety of new and unique lighting style, for people to create a better visual enjoy, but also for people with a more interesting, more comfortable and pleasant lighting environment. They are very suitable for modern people's needs, but also for the needs of the modern room lighting, outdoor lighting and light more suitable for the needs of the landscape will form a new characteristics of the times. LED lamps can create great art of the economic benefits of China's semiconductor lighting can make rapid career development. When truly semiconductor lighting, LED lighting will be the future of arts in the mainstream lighting product.

The current LED lamps, only relatively small spotlights, downlights, with a few color LED to make a few simple decorative ceiling lamps, wall lamps and other products, functional lighting is just beginning, art lighting, barely begun, the world semiconductor lighting is in the early stages. Art now making LED lamps, timing is right, the first to recognize this, who should do it, will be able to seize the initiative, to be able to lead the world development trend of semiconductor lighting. 

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