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LED Panel Light /LED Panel from LEDMANN
2012-03-19 14:12:01

LED panel light  from LEDMANN Lighting System(www.ledmann.com) is a new kind of lighting fixture which is widely used in project , school , office building , hotel , roo ,etc. It is made of back plate , light guide plate , diffusion board , high brightness smd 3528 / smd 3020 . 

Unlike the led light panel which is emitting light from side, ours led light panel is emitting from back. Light is very very soft. As a semiconductor, a Light Emitting Diode (LED) converts electricity into light using less energy. LED lights are asier to handle and since it also saves energy and lasts long, it is considered a good substitute for conventional fluorescent tubes and incandescent lamps for indoor as well as outdoor lighting; a perfect choice when it comes to cost and practicality. 
Sizes of led light panel provided by LEDMANN are 300*150 , 200*200, 300*300, 300*600, 600*150 , 600*600, 300*1200, 600*1200 etc, special size can also be developed as per customer’s request. All of our led light panel can be dimmed . The ways for you to choose from are:Manual Dimmer , IR wireless dimmer , RF Wireless Dimmer . Dimming rate:0%-100% .For specific informations , please visit us at www.ledmann.com

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