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LED Light Bulb can be operated by remote control
2012-03-02 10:15:47

Elemental LED, a San Francisco based LED lighting company, now offers lighting consumers one of the most diverse and cost-effective products on the market-a full color changing, remote control-operated LED light bulb. The RGB remote control light bulb fits into a standard E-27 screw in socket, and can easily replace a traditional incandescent bulb. Even better, when it comes to flexibility and energy efficiency, the RGB remote control LED bulb surpasses incandescent bulbs with, well, flying colors. 

This incredible LED bulb not only comes with 16 different color options (red, magenta, burnt orange, orange, yellow, green, mint green, aqua, robin's egg blue, blue, electric blue, lavender, purple, indigo, and white), but also 4 different effect modes, which include flash, strobe, fade, and smooth. Unlike any incandescent or fluorescent bulb on the market, this LED bulb, which also comes with an on-off switch, grants easy transition between regular lighting, party lighting and darkness with the push of a button.
Compared with similar colored incandescent bulbs, this RGB LED bulb uses 88 percent less power, consuming only 5 watts per bulb. What's more, the bulb never gets hot and lasts up to 50,000 hours, which is 50 times longer than a typical incandescent bulb, and 10 times longer than a compact fluorescent bulb. 
"An LED bulb like this one is an exciting thing to bring to market," says Elemental LED CEO Max Darling. "This is a fun and versatile piece that any consumer can enjoy no matter what the mood calls for...it offers so many more options than any incandescent or fluorescent bulb ever could."

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