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LED Flood Lights
2012-03-23 11:12:43


The technology of the light is ever changing, it seems as if advancements are made every year! The usage of LED Flood Lights have been the new topic of discussion in the lighting and electricity world!
LED lights have been used in the past for smaller applications like under cabinet lighting, but until lately the general public has never really considered them for larger light sources like flood lighting. LED lighting is very energy efficient, and produces a very bright light.
To understand why LED Flood Lights are so great, you must first understand what LEDs actually are. The term LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. Basicly, electric is passed around between very small crystals, which create light. The light then bounces off of the silver dome and all projects into one general area, creating a light beam.
LED lights are much more durable than regular light bulbs. Not only do they last much longer, approximately 11 years, but they are also almost unbreakable.
You will notice that when you see an LED light, it just actually made up of multiple diodes. Multiple diodes allow the beam of light to be brighter.
After considering that LEDs require less energy, last longer, and are usually brighter, it becomes obvious to why LED Flood Lights are a great idea. Although they cost more, they will easily pay for themselves ten fold over their lifetime.
Comparing LED Flood Lights
An LEDs brightness is not measured in Lumens like other light bulbs, LEDs are measured in LUX. Each individual Diode produces approximately 1.6LUX. Obviously the more Diodes, the brighter the light projecting will be. For a good comparison, natural sunlight is approximately 10,000 LUX.
Now that you understand how LED Flood Lights work, and how to compare them brightness wise, when choosing what set of LED Flood Lights is right for you, use your basic judgement. Prices can vary greatly, in different models.
Installing LED Flood Lights
While installing LED Flood Lights is not extremely difficult, if you do not have basic knowledge of electric wiring I suggest that you hire an electrician to install the lights for you. Remember playing with electric can be extremely dangerous and should only be done by professionals.
For anyone looking to “Go Green” in the era where the prices of everything seem to be rising, LED lights are definitely a great way to go to cut monthly electric costs.  Once you make the switch you will be amazed by the difference!
The difference doesnt just stop at the cost and efficiency though.  These Flood Lights look great too!  You can even find them with sensors built in so that there is no need to flip a switch every time you want them to come on or off.  Obviously even though some run on a sensor, there will still be a switch located somewhere in your house or garage in case you need to override the sensor at any time.
Hopefully you have found this information on LED Flood Lights very informative and helpful.  Please feel free to browse the site and see what other interesting information you may find!

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