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LED Aquarium Light

  • LED Aquarium Light
  • LED Aquarium Light
  • LED Aquarium Light
  • LED Aquarium Light
  • LED Aquarium Light
  • LED Aquarium Light
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  • 50W Phantom LED Aquarium Light
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Product Abstract:

If you are puzzled by how to choose a hi-tech top quality LED marine aquarium lights. LEDMANN Regulator LED -150W Aquarium light give you a perfect answer. Your corals-like soft, LPS and SPS species need this new product- Regulator LED. It is special design for the aquarium enthusiasts.Your best choice is our Regulator LED 150W, Great revolution-Regulator led (patent product) will give you a fresh feeling!

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Product Description
Detailed Product Description
390nm --450nm for sps and lps 
10pcs bule for moonlight 
109pcs bule and white for daylight 
cree 3w aquarium led lighting 
High power cree 3w aquarium led lighting 
1 Color: white ,blue,purple
2 Powerful 150W LED grow light can replace
Standard 500-600W HPS or MH aquarium light
3 High efficiency,save about 85% power consumption
save electricity bills, save money for the end user
4 Unique design, light and beautiful
5 No need outside power supply,convenient to use
6 Use built-in switching mode power supply,above 80% efficiency
7 Emit  more effective light wavelength for your reef and coral
8 Promote the coral growth, good for sps and lps
9 Use kinetic theory of air to solve the heat problem
10  No infrared ray but have exact ultraviolet radiation
11  Can be directly placed above the tanks,no scorching at all
12  Ligthing protection,vibration protection
13  Easy to install and use, plug into the electric outlet(120/230Vac) directly
14  Running quiet and cool, no need heat-removal equipment
15  perfect mimic the sunset and sunrise and noon
16  Plug-and-play grow light,no need any accessories
17   Any plug are available
18  CE certificate
19  Good after-sales service, 3 years warranty
20  we have a lot of  well-known experts in coral lamp
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