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  • LED Aquarium Light
  • LED Aquarium Light
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Product Abstract:

Product Name: LED Aquarium Light Model Number: LMA-300W Color: White,black,Red or customised Input Voltage: 110-230VAC Life: 50,000h Emitting Color: White,Blue,Purple+other special recipe Power: 300W

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Product Description
Detailed Product Description
1.reef tank lights with natural sunlight simulation 
2.Overcast days simulation 
3.Running quite and cool 
4.Easy to use 
300w reef tank lights features:
1.Color: white and blue.
2. Powerful 90W LED aquarium light can replace standard 200-250W MH/HPS  light. 1W LED  aquarium light can equal to 2.5-3W MH/HPS lamp.
3. Promote the coral growth, no heat, non-Uv, and non-harmful substances.
4. High efficiency,save 85% power consumption save electricity bills, save money for the end user.
5. Unique design, light and beautiful.
6. No need outside power supply,convenient to use.
7. Use built-in switching mode power supply,above 97% efficiency.
8. Emit the wavelength of light which can be fully absorbed by the coral.
9. Use kinetic theory of air to solve the heat problem.
10. Can be directly placed above the tank ,no scorching at all.
11. Ligthing protection,vibration protection.
12. Easy to install and use, plug into the electric outlet(120/230Vac) directly.
13. Running quiet and cool, no need heat-removal equipment.
14. Ideal for all phases of coral growth.
15. Plug-and-play aquarium light,no need any accessories.
16. Any plug are available.
17. CE.
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