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60W DMX RGB LED Floodlight

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Product Abstract:

60W LED RGB Inner DMX512 floodlight,Use high power COB LED source ,Inner DMX512 controller,Match DMX decoder, Realize Pixel control and group control,Maximum can set 170PCS Pixel,Every lamp can be set Master or slave,it has memory function,the speed is adjustable, the color can be changed.

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Product Description
60W DMX RGB LED Flood light, 60W RGB LED Flood light with DMX Function
Model: LM-RGB60W-DMX
Voltage: AC85-265V
LED Source: 1pcs COB RGB LED/Bridgelux chip
Watt: 60W 
Luminous: R:780  G:1170  B:280 
Color: RGB 
CRI: >80
PF: >0.95
Beam Angle: 100degree
Control Mode: DMX512 Control
Operating temperature: -20?-50?
Storage Temperature: -25 ~ 65?
Waterproof:  IP65
Long life span: 50,000hours.
Size: L300XW230XH150 (mm)
Weight: 4KG
Special Function for 60W DMX RGB LED Flood light with DMX512 Code Writer Device:
Voltage: DC12V(using power adapter) ,1.8Watt, Accord with international XLR interface, LCD Display
Change address: Can change the DMX address inside floodlight, 1-512 address?Every lamp can be set Master or slave?Onekey change lamps DMX address,vista ghost, Onekey reading lamps working information.
Group control: change the lamps color,speed at the same time, Realizes synchronization function,12 model.
Pixel control: set the lamp color,speed,model, Achieve pixel control functions such as water running effect, 10 model.
Change Color: For single color, it is dimmable, Press the two”Mode+ Moder-” buttons as the DMX512 controller’s show 12 steps of the change the color.
The speed adjustable: When the modes are jumping and gradual changing, Press the two “Speed+ Speed-” buttons as the DMX512 controller’s show10 steps of adjusting the speed.
Memory function: The RGB LED floodlights will remember the program when you take away DMX512 Controller, when you turn on the power, it will play like the program you set. Eg. when the modes are gradual changing, then, take away the DMX512 Controller, Then turn on the power, the modes are still gradual changing, The speed is the same as last time you set.
AC Power synchronously: when you connect with AC Power, all lights will work, AC85-265V(50/60Hz) available for them.
1. Park,Square,outdoor
2. Schools, Colleges & Universities/art galleries.
3. Courtyard/Institution Buildings/landscaping building
4. Bridge, wall washing for bars,clubs,hotels,stages,parks
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