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50W Phantom LED Aquarium Light

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Product Abstract:

50W Phantom LED Aquarium Lights is our new developed LED Aquarium Light, innovative, modular design, unique design, easy installation.

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Product Description
Phantom 50W LED Aquarium Lights, 50W Phantom LED Aquarium Lights
Model: LMG-PTA50W-01
Power: 35-50W
LED Source: 18pcs 3W High Power LED
LED Color:  Blue:white= 1:1
LED Lifespan: 50, 000 hours
Input Voltage: 100-240VAC
Output Voltage: 55-70VDC
Input Current: 0.15A-0.5A
Output Current: 700mA
Power Factor: 0.9
Working Temperature: -20~ 40degree, 45%-95RH
Control System: Remote controller
PAR data (umol m-2s-l): 1230 @20cm, 365 @40cm, 162 @60cm, 93 @80cm, 62 @100cm
Lux: 43800 @20cm, 15500 @40cm, 7100 @60cm, 4030 @80cm, 2600 @100cm, 1200 @150cm
Illumination Area(?): 1.54 @20cm, 2.72 @40cm, 3.02 @60cm, 3.66 @80cm, 3.87 @100cm
Size: 175x 242x 105MM
Inner Packing: 280x 250x 140MM
Net Weight: 2.5Kg/pcs
CTN Packing: 570x 270x 310MM
Gross Weight: 10Kg/4pcs
Accessories:  Remote controller x 1, Power cable x 1, Chaining x 1, Manual of controller x 1
Features of Phantom LED Aquarium Lights:
1. Timing Function: Once the time has been set, you can just leave the rest part to the lights, they take care of it.
2. Remote Controller: Why fonding the keys on the light anymore? Actually all you have to do is just to sit on the sofa and press the buttons on the tiny remote controller slightly.
3. Over Heat Protection: Considerations have given to the over heat protection, when the temperature exceed 65° inside the fixture, the LEDs will turn off automatically so as to prevent the damage.
4. Modular Design: Easy installation, easy dismantling, easy maintenance.
5. Unique Design: The light has four wedges on the front side, this design is to protect the LEDs from potential damage when the light was placed on the hard surface.
6. Easy Installation: The installation of Phantom LED Grow Lights/ LED Aquarium Light is extremely easy, snap in the buckles and then hang up the fixtures, adjust the height and done the installation.
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